Townley Sound has Been working with local 518 musicians in The Capital District For over 20 Years

Jason Townley – Live Sound Engineer – Albany, Saratoga & The Adirondacks

Jason Townley of Townley SoundBeing a live sound engineer is what I truly love and the primary function of this website is to bring the music of the show back to the musicians and their fans. Having  and working with other sound engineers near me has been a real pleasure. I primarily work with a bunch of local area 518 musicians who play from the upper regions of Lake placid and Saranac Lake down to Saratoga, Ballston Spa, Albany and Troy.  Trying to keep things as local as possible has been a challenge but I have been able to lately so I can fulfill the life of a dad, husband and son.
I have once again gotten the musical live sound reinforcement itch and started investing in more travel and live sound gear. I  purchased the new Midas M32 in 2015 and a Trailer in 2016 to tow it around with. This has proved to be an amazing combination as I also have a Volkswagen Jetta Diesel that pulls it all. When I detach the trailer, I park the car and become a family man. It has worked out pretty well.

Undertaper Productions - Jason Townley2015 was first time I actually put away the analogue and plugged in the digital. Known to some as Undertapers Mobile Studio, the new Midas M32 has proven to be a crispy sounding improvement to the line up of consoles that I use. I haven’t actually brought out the Mackie 2480 since I purchased the Midas in April of this year and I am not sure I am going to.

Family Life

amelia-rose-townleySince the birth of Amelia Rose Townley, I have Amelia Rose Townleyprioritized being a dedicated family man and enjoying every bit of it. She has been an amazing transformation for me and most of my live music intake has morphed into more of a streaming live the next day or so kind of experience. I have no issue with that but am anxious once again to get back out with Lauren and catch a show. That time will have to wait as we had our second child, Stella on December 20th, 2017.

Townley FamilyJason Townley & Lauren TownleyOne of the exciting challenges that I have faced recently is the ability to actually sit down and update, edit and clean up some of the websites that I maintain. I am hoping to find a chilling January or February weekend, where snowshoeing is out of the question, and sit down for a day and clean up the mess that is not only Undertaper Productions but Stone Revival Band , Raisinhead and other small sites that have been on the back burner for so long I am not even sure the pilot light still works. In the mean time please forgive the mess and enjoy what you can ad progression is slow but evident.

Thanks for all the supporting live music… see you at the show.


Jason Townley of Townley Sound

Undertaper Productions is a one man show operated by Jason Townley set out to amplify and beautify the musical colors of a tight musical family that plays together from time to time.