iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons

iPhone 7.0.6 Security Update

iphoneI have had an iPhone for quite some time now. I have been through the various operating system changes over the years and haven’t had too many issues. I currently have the iPhone 4, which is considerably different than any of the previous models, and am in no rush to move on to the iPhone5. I do like the plug-in style of the new version much better and am getting tired of finding out that the older style I have was mysteriously, half way plugged in over night, and didn’t charge. Continue reading “iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons”

Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB

Vinnie Amico Joins The Stone Revival Band This Weekend at The Ale House

Vinnie Amico from moe. will join The Stone Revival Band this Saturday, February 22nd at The Ale House in Troy, NY. Vinnie will be filling in for Jeff Prescott, SRB’s full time drummer, who broke his leg recently. Resting comfortably at home, Jeff will have about a 6 to 8 week recovery period before pressing down on any foot petals.  Pictured below, Vinnie sits in with SRB at The Electric Company in Utica, NY. Continue reading “Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB”