Aaron Lieberman of God Street Wine to Sell His Guitar

Aaron LiebermanAaron Lieberman of God Street Wine is selling his guitar. A guitar that has been in his possession for just about 25 years and has been to more shows than anyone can count. He posted the following on the “Bring Back God Street Wine” facebok page on Thursday January 8th letting everyone know that he has never been able to hold on to things and that it was time to let this treasure go. ( UPDATE )

Hello friends. Aaron here.
If you have seen me play with GSW, which, as this is a page dedicated to this band, I am assuming that you have, then you have seen me play my Sadowsky S-Style Strat guitar. Roger Sadowsky made this guitar for me in 1991 and it has been one of my main guitars on recordings and on stage since then.
I have never been one to hold on to things, (I gave my entire baseball card collection away one day to my friend Jon in 6th grade). I think this guitar is the one thing I have held on to the longest. That being said, I am ready to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. It just feels like it is time.
So, I figured that before posting it for sale on eBay, or other sites like that, I would let you guys know first. If there is anybody here that is interested in purchasing this guitar from me, please let me know.
I have set up a website with info about this guitar:


Aarons Sadowsky S-Style






#984 | Standard S-Style
FINISH | Caramel Burst
BODY | Quilted Maple on Alder
FINGERBOARD | Rosewood, 12″ Radius, 1 11/16″ Nut Width, Vintage Tint
HARDWARE | Black, Sperzel Tuners
PICKUPS | Sadowsky H/S/H
WEIGHT | 6.40 lbs. (2.90 kg)
PREAMP | Sadowsky Preamp with Mid and Gain Boost

To me, this is like Lo selling his telecaster with the nearly faded GSW stemming from the neck pickup. It would also be like me selling my first console, which incidentally I purchased because of the Lo Faber Band back in 2001. Although I am sure Lauren would rather have it out the door.

This is in a way a sad reminder that the band despite their reunion shows a couple of years back they are still broken up. Although Lo and Aaron have played many of times together outside of GSW the old vibes of the band gathering together as if nothing happened was a great time. Being back in NYC, strolling the streets, waiting for the doors to open was a time I will never forget.

The last show I did with Lo and Aaron was in Saratoga Springs in 2011. It is available for streaming here.

Lo Faber & Aaron Maxwell


God Street Wine Irving Plaza

A little memento from Lo Faber after the show at Irving Plaza 7-17-2010

 Update From Aaron

January 9th, 2015

A note from Aaron regarding his guitar…

Hi all. First off. I am really touched by all of your comments. They mean a lot to me. So, the guitar is finding a new home and it is staying in the family. I am not at liberty to say where it is going but I am really happy about it. This is allowing me to move in a new direction and get to know some new guitars. This is a good thing. Also, I am told that I can use the Sadowsky whenever I need it. Win, win. Hope to see you all soon. Best, Aaron

From the GSW Facebook Page

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