Assembly of Wine to Take The Stage at Garcia’s

GSWThe joining of two spectacular bands could not have happened at a better time. Members of God Street Wine and Assembly of Dust join forces to play tunes from each others song lists. One can only speculate on the repertoire in store, but I am sure all will be in for a treat. Aaron Maxwell, Dan Pifer and Jon Bevo from GSW and Dave Diamond, Adam Terrell and Reid Genauer from Assembly of Dust make up the spectacular list of talent.

Reid-Genauer-and-Jason-TownleyThe list of talent in each of the bands amazing. The fact that they are melding together is anything but shocking since some of the members have played together before.  It’s a shame that Jason Crosby andLo Faber Lo Faber won’t be joining the fun but the list of members is still pretty exciting. Crosby plays with Assembly of Dust from time to time and has been know to hang out with the boys from God Street Wine. Dave Diamond has also played with each of the bands as well. I have worked with each of the bands and its been an absolute pleasure each and every time. Lo Faber of GSW had started a band a couple of years after GSW called it quits in the late 90’s. The Lo Faber Band was, in a sense, a continuation of  the music laid to rest and some new rock opera tunes that Faber had written. It was a short run, but he had managed to write two albums, “Henry’s House” and “Friday Night Freakshow” before slowly bringing back GSW to the table a few years back.

2013-04-13-Westcott Theatre Assembly of DustSince last year was quite busy for me and this year is proving to be the same, I won’t be able to see the show and it pains me to say so. I saw AOD twice last year, once while actually working the show and the the other on my birthday at The Westcott Theatre (thanks to my wife). Tickets are available now and rather cheap at only $10 a pop. It looks like I will be forced to, once again, listen to the show via the internet archive, but just knowing that this type of show is happening is good enough for me.

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