Grateful Dead

Fare_Thee_Well_(Official_Final)_(2)For years…we will say at least 50, The Grateful Dead have been bringing music to people all over the world in ways that no other band has. 2015 marked the end of what many call the end of an era…well, the second end of an era. For some, the Grateful Dead ended in 1995 when Jerry Garcia died on August 9th in California. We all know it’s not the end and “There will be more stuff”

For me, the collaboration of musicians who came together to keep the music going honored Jerry. Remaining members carried on the the traditions of people getting together and hanging out for an evening or three. Phil and Bobby, although playing separately for a while, continued the music the only way they knew how allowing the music to never stop. NFA






All 5 Nights Playlist

Dead & Company 10/29/2015