raisinhead-original-membersIn 2001 Rob Beaulieu formed Raisinhead in order to play improvisational
music in a live setting. The band consists of former members of The Ominous
Seapods. Rob was also a member of Loader, Soul Shock and Kim Buckley’s
recording and touring band for 3 years. Drawing from influences as diverse
as The Band, The Talking Heads, Allman Brothers, Taj Mahal, The Grateful
Dead, Frank Zappa, Little Feat, Neil Young, Blues, R&B and Gospel music
Raisinhead has created it’s own organic musical stew. The band is built
upon the monster rhythm section of Tom Pirozzi (Ominous Seapods, Lo Faber
Band) and Scott Apicelli (Blue Sky studio engineer and session drummer),
the singing talents of Ted Grey (Harvest) as well as the colorings and lead soloing of Brian Mangini (Ominous Seapods) and Rob Beaulieu. Raisinhead is a three-singer band giving the audience
a constantly changing vocal perspective tune by tune. All the members
are committed to creating a unique live experience during which the band
and the audience can experience a diverse range of spontaneous music.



Recent Audio

Raisinhead – Nanola – 1/30/2015 – Set One


Raisinhead – Nanola – 1/30/2015 – Set Two



Raisinhead – Saratoga Pond Hockey Festival -2/7/15 –  Full show


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