Trey Anastasio (solo acoustic)

Trey’s Solo Acoustic performance at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall was a really cool stop on his mini tour between Phish and his other side projects. Trey has a history in Troy and in listening to the show a special place in his heart for the music hall. He really takes the opportunity to share stories and personal experiences he has had including playing with Vermont Youth Orchestra from Burlington in 2002 with approximately 90 people.

Tickets for the show sold out very quickly but there were some stories of people calling the venue the day of and getting in.


Trey Anastasio (solo acoustic)
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
Troy, NY

01-Strange Design
02-Blaze On
03-Mountains in the Mist
04-The Wedge
06-Backwards Down the Number Line
07-Twenty Years Later
08-Tide Turns
09-Rubberneck Lions
10-The Inlaw Josie Wales
12-Kill Devil Falls
13-Wolfman’s Brother
14-The Line
15-The Lizards
16-Guelah Papyrus
17-Wading in the Velvet Sea
18-Lawn Boy
19-Summer of ’89
20-Carini >
21-Chalk Dust Torture
23-Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

Audio Source: Ed Guidry