iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons

iPhone 7.0.6 Security Update

iphoneI have had an iPhone for quite some time now. I have been through the various operating system changes over the years and haven’t had too many issues. I currently have the iPhone 4, which is considerably different than any of the previous models, and am in no rush to move on to the iPhone5. I do like the plug-in style of the new version much better and am getting tired of finding out that the older style I have was mysteriously, half way plugged in over night, and didn’t charge.

I can also say that I have never had a virus or anything that would cause a catastrophic failure. For anyone who uses a Bill Gates machine at home, it’s a matter of purchasing the computer along with anti-viral software. You may be saving on your little Gates system, but to run and constanty update anti-viral on an annual basis is just a pain in the ass. At the house we have a Mac Pro tower, a MacBook Pro laptop and a new MacBook Air. None of these machines have had any type of anti-viral software put on them at any time nor will they ever.

It comes as no shock to me when Apple makes headlines about a security issue. It should make headlines because it shocking that they actually have a security issue. Issues like this for the Gates machines have been so abundant that anyone who sees one just brushes by it when it hits page 9 of the news. I for one am going to update my phone and move on with life as Apple has treated me well and I can’t thank them enough for creating such an superior machine. For anyone who has questions about the iPhone Update 7.0.6, I have taken some screen shots to make it a little more simple.

1: Start by locating your Settings Icon.



It should look similar to this icon


2: Click on the settings icon and then scroll down and press General.

3: After you press General, you will see Software Update.

4: Press Software Update and the Security Update will appear.

5: If you are prompted to Download and Install do so.

photo 1

photo 2










photo 3

photo 5















NOTE: If you see the following screen, you may need to delete some files to allow for the download.

The Download is 12.8 MB so deleting  a picture or two should do the trick 🙂

photo 4

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