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Ominous Seapods to Reunite in 2018

The last time the Ominous Seapods shared the stage with each other was in a building that no longer exists in downtown Albany, NY. It was on a chilly winter night, in the upstairs of Valentiens on 12/17/2011 more than

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Dead & Company – 6/21/16 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Dead & Company Sumer Tour

The Dead & Company came back! The last show in the immediate area was at the Times Union Center last year on October 29th and I though it was one of the best shows of that year. A lot of

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Steve Young of SYNEK and Craft Conscious Creates New Age Beer Draft System

SYNEK has created what most are comparing to a Keurig based beer dispensing system that can dispense beer whenever you want one. Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK and Craft Conscious, boasts it will give you access to unlimited varieties of

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Aaron Lieberman of God Street Wine to Sell His Guitar

Aaron Lieberman of God Street Wine is selling he guitar.

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Assembly of Wine to Take The Stage at Garcia’s

The joining of two spectacular bands could not have happened at a better time. Members of God Street Wine and Assembly of Dust join forces to play tunes from each others song lists. One can only speculate on the repertoire

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iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons

iPhone 7.0.6 Security Update I have had an iPhone for quite some time now. I have been through the various operating system changes over the years and haven’t had too many issues. I currently have the iPhone 4, which is

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Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB

Vinnie Amico

Vinnie Amico Joins The Stone Revival Band This Weekend at The Ale House Vinnie Amico from moe. will join The Stone Revival Band this Saturday, February 22nd at The Ale House in Troy, NY. Vinnie will be filling in for Jeff Prescott, SRB’s full

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SRB Plays Pink Floyd Animals

Recently The Stone Revival Band played The Hudson River Music Hall in Glens Falls, NY. The room only holds a handful of people so we weren’t surprised at the secant time around playing there, it was packed.

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North & South Dakotas New Album “Long Time Coming”

There is no surprise here, local musicians The North & South Dakotas are at it again with yet another new couple of songs on a brand new album.  Shown below, The North & South Dakotas play “Long Time Coming”, the

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