Ominous Seapods to Reunite in 2018

The last time the Ominous Seapods shared the stage with each other was in a building that no longer exists in downtown Albany, NY. It was on a chilly winter night, in the upstairs of Valentiens on 12/17/2011 more than 5 years ago, The Seapods took the stage with many musical guests. Guests included Vinnie Amico from moe. , Josh Himmelsbach as well as Todd Pasternack, the Seapods later addition making the guitar duo Dana and Max a trio.

Tickets for the Saturday show have SOLD OUT, but not to fear. There is an additional night ( Friday Night ) being added to the Cohoes Music Hall ( NOW SOLD OUT ) and the following Sunday was just booked January 14th at the Brooklyn Bowl. There is also a live stream in the works so each night at the Cohoes Music Hall show should be available to those not fortunate enough to have grabbed a ticket in time.


Ominous Seapods - Townley Sound


I have been asked to engineer the Cohoes Music Hall show (s) and am beyond honored to share the room with all the fans as well as one of the most influential Jambands in musical history.

Ominous Seapods –  Audio – 12/17/11



Confirmed Tour Dates:

January 12th, 2018 – Cohoes Music Hall
January 13th, 2018 – Cohoes Music Hall
January 14th, 2018 – Brooklyn Bowl

Dead & Company – 6/21/16 – Saratoga Performing Arts Center

The Dead & Company came back! The last show in the immediate area was at the Times Union Center last year on October 29th and I though it was one of the best shows of that year. A lot of it was because I was there but something about them playing together again in the area brings back that sam feeling. Maybe its because I can hop in a car and get home before the wee hours of the morning…and I just made myself feel old. Both John Mayer and Otel Burbridge fit in amazingly as they are able to add flavors to every tune making it different but familiar. Familiar enough that it could conceivably be the Grateful Dead of 2016

SET 1:
Feel Like a Stranger , Here Comes Sunshine, Brown Eyed Woman, Loser, Little Red Rooster, Cassidy > Deal

SET 2:
Aiko Aiko, Estimated Prophet > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider > Drums > Space > Uncle Johns Band > Days Between > Good Lovin’

Brokedown Palace > Johnny B. Goode

Dead & Company Sumer Tour
Dead & Company Summer Tour 2016

Steve Young of SYNEK and Craft Conscious Creates New Age Beer Draft System

steve young
Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK and Craft Conscious.

SYNEK has created what most are comparing to a Keurig based beer dispensing system that can dispense beer whenever you want one. Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK and Craft Conscious, boasts it will give you access to unlimited varieties of craft beer right from your kitchen counter or wherever there is an outlet. His Kickster launch proved to be a very successful adventure and its just about ready launch. Continue reading “Steve Young of SYNEK and Craft Conscious Creates New Age Beer Draft System”

Aaron Lieberman of God Street Wine to Sell His Guitar

Aaron LiebermanAaron Lieberman of God Street Wine is selling his guitar. A guitar that has been in his possession for just about 25 years and has been to more shows than anyone can count. He posted the following on the “Bring Back God Street Wine” facebok page on Thursday January 8th letting everyone know that he has never been able to hold on to things and that it was time to let this treasure go. ( UPDATE ) Continue reading “Aaron Lieberman of God Street Wine to Sell His Guitar”

Assembly of Wine to Take The Stage at Garcia’s

GSWThe joining of two spectacular bands could not have happened at a better time. Members of God Street Wine and Assembly of Dust join forces to play tunes from each others song lists. One can only speculate on the repertoire in store, but I am sure all will be in for a treat. Aaron Maxwell, Dan Pifer and Jon Bevo from GSW and Dave Diamond, Adam Terrell and Reid Genauer from Assembly of Dust make up the spectacular list of talent.

Continue reading “Assembly of Wine to Take The Stage at Garcia’s”

iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons

iPhone 7.0.6 Security Update

iphoneI have had an iPhone for quite some time now. I have been through the various operating system changes over the years and haven’t had too many issues. I currently have the iPhone 4, which is considerably different than any of the previous models, and am in no rush to move on to the iPhone5. I do like the plug-in style of the new version much better and am getting tired of finding out that the older style I have was mysteriously, half way plugged in over night, and didn’t charge. Continue reading “iPhone 7.0.6 Update Critical For Security Reasons”

Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB

Vinnie Amico Joins The Stone Revival Band This Weekend at The Ale House

Vinnie Amico from moe. will join The Stone Revival Band this Saturday, February 22nd at The Ale House in Troy, NY. Vinnie will be filling in for Jeff Prescott, SRB’s full time drummer, who broke his leg recently. Resting comfortably at home, Jeff will have about a 6 to 8 week recovery period before pressing down on any foot petals.  Pictured below, Vinnie sits in with SRB at The Electric Company in Utica, NY. Continue reading “Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB”