The North & South Dakotas CD Release “Honey”

North & South Dakotas
That didn’t take long. It seems like The North & South Dakotas came out with an EP just the other day. “Long Time Coming”, recorded at Edie Rd Studios, was a great collection of tunes that flowed along smoothly with the rugged and rough edges that most who know them have come to expect. Their new addition “Honey” grabs you by the ears and makes you wish it was an LP. Aside from their album, The North & South Dakotas have some live audio recorded at some of there shows on their audio page right here on Undertaper Productins. Zack HayThe songs are not short by any means. You will find yourself leaving the disk to play again or pressing repeat if it’s on your iPod. It is an emotional album that actually makes you feel something. If you’re happy, it makes you really happy and if you’re sad, grab a bottle of whiskey and turn it up. It’s an album where you struggle to find a song you don’t like, but it’s easy to find one you do. With songs like “Blue” and “Don’t You Come Around” , the guys express not only their musical talent, but let you know that they write what they feel.

The boys hit Saratoga Springs, NY to hold their CD release party featuring Bear Grass and Otter. Show kicks off at 9:45 PM with Bear Grass and then The North & South Dakotas hit the stage saving Otter for late night fun. You can check out The North & South Dakotas at their site for further info or visit their Facebook

Members of The North & South Dakotas include:

Zack Hay (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)
Mark Retajczyk (Electric Guitar,  Vocals)
Colin Hunt (Bass)
Naty Patenaude (Dobro, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Vocals)
Mike Graves (Drums, Trumpet, Vocals)


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One comment on “The North & South Dakotas CD Release “Honey”
  1. Avatar rich says:

    nice set of songs, great sounds that are so nice to hear.

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