Steve Young of SYNEK and Craft Conscious Creates New Age Beer Draft System

steve young

Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK and Craft Conscious.

SYNEK has created what most are comparing to a Keurig based beer dispensing system that can dispense beer whenever you want one. Steve Young, Founder of SYNEK and Craft Conscious, boasts it will give you access to unlimited varieties of craft beer right from your kitchen counter or wherever there is an outlet. His Kickster launch proved to be a very successful adventure and its just about ready launch.

He claims that bottled and canned beer is far too expensive to fill and a growler has the shelf life of about a long as a toodlers attention span. My attention span is terrible and it’s probably why I finish my growlers in one sitting.


SYNEK – Any beer tapped fresh on your counter




You can fill the dispenser from a holding tank, a keg or right from another tap. You then insert the filled cartridge into the Synek beer dispenser and connect the two easy click valves.
I am pretty sure I didn’t know I needed this until now. With all the new inventors out there creating things we didn’t know we needed, it’s ok to go ahead and check the “successful business model button” even before they start producing it.

SYNEK is a draft system that serves any beer, fresh from the tap, anywhere you want it.

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