Vinnie Amico Fills in For Jeff Prescott of SRB

Vinnie Amico Joins The Stone Revival Band This Weekend at The Ale House

Vinnie Amico from moe. will join The Stone Revival Band this Saturday, February 22nd at The Ale House in Troy, NY. Vinnie will be filling in for Jeff Prescott, SRB’s full time drummer, who broke his leg recently. Resting comfortably at home, Jeff will have about a 6 to 8 week recovery period before pressing down on any foot petals.  Pictured below, Vinnie sits in with SRB at The Electric Company in Utica, NY.

Vinnie AmicoIn 2009, Vinnie had originally joined up with the band to play with Jeff as a dual drummer set up. With moe. and Vinnie’s additional band Floodwood, his availability became scarce and we ultimately knew that our dual drummer set up was slowly coming to an end. It’s always fun to have Vinnie sit in with with us, and with Jeff present, their musical connection is apparent. This time around it will just be Vinnie but as most of us know, a dual drummer set up at the Ale House would involve building an addition on the back.


moe. is looking to hit Germany, Netherlands,Austria, and  Italy in the next couple of months, so there aren’t an abundant amount of opportunities for Vinnie to fill in again. We take what we get with him touring the world and being a rock star.

Audio from the Show

Jeff Prescott and Vinnie Amico

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