Our Wedding Reception on at the Wallingford Lodge on Elfin Lake

The Wallingford Lodge on Elfin Lake, Wallingford VT

The Wallingford Boys Lodge is a camp on Elfin Lake in Wallingford, VT. It has many uses throughout the year and for us, It was one of the best places to go after we were married and the most fun we have ever had. Some of the photos shown taken were on the day we discovered the Wallingford Boys Lodge as well as some from the actual reception. Lauren, my now wife,  has family history at the lodge as a child so it was a major consideration when we were searching for places to have our reception. We both rented the place for our wedding reception because of it’s rustic appeal and overall charm. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the backwoods of Vermont in a town rich with history and rustic appeal. It is almost a secret that the lodge exists, and is definitely one of the best Wallingford reception places by far.

Elfin Lake Boys Lodge WallingfordOur wedding ceremony was at our lake house in Poultney, VT on Lake St. Catherine. Both the ceremony and the reception could have easily been at the lodge and many have done both but we decided to get married and venture from there to the lodge.  We found remains of wedding arbors under the lodge and little bits of celebratory items throughout. That charm and history alone made it our ideal place to join in the history of others celebrating their wedding day.

We had 125 people at our reception and there were plenty of tables and chairs provided by the lodge in the front side room towards the lake. The wrap around porch was an amazing after dinner spot to catch up with everyone and grab a drink. We brought our own hand made portable bar and had it in the corner fully stocked with everything you could want. All of the beer was home brewed and all the efforts in making it payed off after prying off the cap of the first one and toasting to the beginning of our first evening as a married couple.

Lake St. Catherine Poultney VermontThe band was set up at the end of the hall on a stage already equipped with lights and plenty of electricity. It is quite the stage area and each of the bands had commented on the whole experience as being one of the best yet. We had Raisinhead and The Stone Revial Band Play who are local to the Saratoga Springs and Albany Area. Sound was provided by me, Jason Townley

The contact number we used to reserve the lodge was 802-446-2964 and it is best to book at least a year in advance. It was tough to find the information we needed although it may be listed somewhere on their website now. We found the lodge in February of 2012 and our wedding was August 25 so we had to work some magic to orchestrate the whole deal. I recommend renting it for three days, as we did, and just having a blast!  The catering was provided by Feastivities Catering Service and for the service, price and staff, you can’t beat it. After visiting their website, and following up on a future event, it appears that Feastivities Catering has gone out of business.

With recent the recent COVID-19 pandemic affecting many local venues, contacting the facility has obviously become increasingly more difficult. Listed below are additional phone numbers of local people who can assist with  booking the lodge and possibly speak to any issues the pandemic may have with bookings. 

To Reserve The Lodge or if you have More Questions:

Fire District Clerk & Treasurer:  Maureen Duchesne
Call: (802) 446-3652 or 802-446-2964
Alternate Number: Carleen Eaton @ The Walingford Rescue Squad 802-446-3942
Email: wallfired1@vermontel.net 
Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. & 1:30 – 4:00 p.m.

*Emailing Me does not book the lodge. I only provide sound for bands who wish to perform at the lodge.

Directions to Wallingford lodge:

386 Boys Camp Rd
Wallingford, VT 05773

From Wallingford:

  • Take Depot St ( 140) to Railroad St.
  • Turn Left on to Railroad St  and then a Right on to Florence Ave ( Continuing on 140 ).
  • Continue over the bridge making your second Left on to Elfin Lake Beach Road.
  • Once on Elfin Lake Beach Road continue making your first Right past the small pedestrian bridge.
  • Follow this road to The Wallingford Lodge.

Edited by: Jason Townley

Wallingford Boys Lodge – Elfin Lake, VT

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